Flex on Aluminum Stirrups
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Flex on Aluminum Stirrups

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Silver Frame/ Silver Inclined Ultra Grip Footbed/ Black Elastomer 

The Flex-On® Aluminum Inclined Ultra Grip Stirrup by Samshield® is an elegant, ergonomic, lightweight design offering unparalleled performance, shock absorption and comfort. The Flex-On Stirrup absorbs vibrations in different joints of the rider to help reduce fatigue and can help support the rider’s position.

Each Flex-On Stirrup is made from a single, solid block of special aluminum, the type used in aeronautics, giving it strength and lightness. The ultra-lightweight stirrup frame has an offset slot for the stirrup leather to further aid a comfortable, correct riding position. A pair weighs only 900 grams, yet offers riders optimal stability and a perfect connection with their horses. The aluminum is treated to prevent oxidization and maintain its attractive appearance. 

The Inclined Ultra Grip tread of this Flex-On stirrup offers two advantages:

  • Spikes made of hardened steel deliver a nonslip grip.  The spikes grip to the bottom of the riding boot to provide superior adhesion to the stirrup.
  • The incline of the footbed allows optimal foot positioning, which in turn enables better posture.


Made in France.

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